the view from the size of the stage

the view from the size of the stage

Before We Met 2nd press has arrived at the @losttapecollective HQ. grab a copy at

Before We Met 2nd press has arrived at the @losttapecollective HQ. grab a copy at 👀
Do you want to hear my high school's front ensemble playing the arrangement I did of She's Got Her Own Man Now for a sixteen measure warmup after everyone in the front has learned it or is that TOO nerdy?

I’d check that out!

I've gone through a lot in the past few years. Your music has been there for all of it. I have memories attached to damn near every one of your songs. I recently moved away from home, far away from home. Whenever I'm feeling homesick I'll just throw on a few of your songs and it brings me comfort. You have no idea how great that is. Thank you for your music.

That rocks! Glad we connect… thanks for listening

Who's answering q's right now?


you guys are my fucking favorite band and it was so cool to meet all of you guys, even though we spent about five minutes talking about Uber (I'm not sure if you remember this, but I'm the chick that was at the Santa Cruz show and couldn't stay for your set because I took the bus to get there). I just wanted you to know that you've all helped me through tough shit in my life and I'm so grateful for that.

yep yep i remember…. thanks for listening! hopefully next time you can hang around. santa cruz rocks

come back to dublin soon guys, i had so much fun while you supported mayday parade!

I am actually living in Dublin right now for the summer… pretty cool city. Pablo Picante burrito and Roasted Brown Coffee are my spots. 

Someone stole my bike though - bummer


where do we leave our questions for each band member?

This week is Week 2 and features Wayne… head over to either our Instagram or our Facebook and theres a post that you can comment on with your question.

Joe is a sweet dude! Thanks again for giving me your drumstick in Oakland. It was a sick show to photograph!

YES! Love a Joe appreciation post… he’s a quiet yet charming and warm fella.

Best record store in Philly?

Repo / AKA / Beautiful World / Creep

Do you think about come to south america?

We have absolutely thought abut coming to South America.

Touring North America is very easy for us. We have our van, we have our equipment and we have a booking agent to setup the shows for us. However, South America is much more difficult. You need someone in the region to setup the shows for you, organize the equipment at each show, organize flights from city to city and setup all the other details and logistics. 

So basically we need someone down there who can help us organize it all! Hit up your local concert promoter and let em know to hit us up!

Why did the Vancouver venue change?

Late response but apparently the venue was double booked… that is what the local show organizer told us. We didn’t find out until two days before the gig. Sorry to anyone who couldn’t make the new location… We had no say in the matter. Rad show regardless! Vancouver (or I should say Langley) was rad. 

Hey! I was just wondering if you guys ever play songs like I Like You and Montrose at shows anymore. I saw you guys for the first time at Warped last year and it was mostly new stuff which is cool and all (you guys were my first concert!) and I was just wondering(:

We always play Montrose. 

I Like You is a song we switch in and out based on the tour… but theres certainly a chance.

Hey I wanted to take the time and tell you how much I love you guys. Honestly I don't know where I would be if I did not have music to listen to an great friends to talk to. But it's your music I can really connect with. I love hearing every word that you sing each lyric has it's own meaning to me which makes it easy to connect with. I really like your self titled album. My favorite songs are atlas and spunn. I really connect with the words from spunn. On your next tour are you playing In NY?

Thanks so much! We don’t play spunn very often (or ever really) but maybe we’ll bust it out sometime. 

I’m sure we’ll be somewhere in NY this year. XO